Spiros Christoforidis

Attorney appointed in the Supreme Court

Spiros Christoforidis

Personal Information

  • Born on 04.01.1975 in Thessaloniki
  • Married to the agronomist Chrisoula Kliampa
  • Father of two three-years old daughters
  • Address (home): 10 Larisis str, 54249 – Thessaloniki
  • Address (office): 12 Polytechneiou str, 54625 – Thessaloniki
  • Phone (home): + 302310334889
  • Phone (office): + 302310275820
  • Phone (mobile): +306945586851, +306955069713
  • Fax (office): + 302310283344
  • E – mail: spirchristo@yahoo.gr
  • Website: www.christoforidislaw.gr


1986 – 1989
2nd Experimental high school Institutions/victory
Degree 19 and 8/16

1989 – 1992
19th Highschool of Thessaloniki
Degree 19 and 9/10

1992 – 1996
University of Law
Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki
He was introduced 10th among 480 students
Graduated with degree Diploma 8,01 (very good)

He attended seminars and computer management.

1997 – 2000
Post-graduate studies in the Department of University of Law
Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki
Branch of criminal and Forensic Sciences.

Undertaking Doctoral in Criminal and Forensic Sciences, Department of Law.

Professional Experience

1996 – 1998
From November 1996 to September 1998 served as solicitor to be, to Professor of Department of Law University of Thrace, Stef. Pavlou and Stavros Orphanidis lawyer in Thessaloniki.

Starts his carrier as a Lawyer in Thessaloniki, where he retains a law firm on 12 Polytechneiou str.
Legal Advisor in advertising companies since 1999 dealing powerfully with advertising – tax – sports themes.
He was a lawyer in various companies for example “INTERMEDIA A.E.”, a civil non-profit company “ARKTOYROS” and advertising groups “ALMA ATERMON S.A.”, “AFFICHAGE HELLAS A .E.” and “KOPELOYZOS-REMEDY advertising s.a.”.

In 20.02.2003 he becomes Attorney appointed in the Appeal Court of Thessaloniki.

In 20.03.2007 he becomes Attorney appointed in the Supreme Court.

Since 2009 until 2014 he is legal advisor of the “Football Club ARIS THESSALONIKHS”.

Since June 2011 he works with the professional baskteball team K.A.E. ARIS 2004.

Statutory member of the 4th District Protest Committee, concerning the municipality of Evosmos – Kordelio.

From April 2015 until the beginning of 2017 he collaborated as an external collaborator with KAE ARIS 2003.

External collaborator of the Municipality of Nea Zichni, Serres from 2019 until today.

Publications – Books

His book “Outdoor Advertising in Greece – Legislative Framework, Ministerial Decisions, Jurisdiction, Modeling of Dictionaries” was released in 2006. The “Outdoor Advertising” supplement was released in 2011.

His book “Professional Soccer” was released by Sakkoula Publications in 2011.

The book on Distractions against Public Officials and Employees was released by Sakkoula in 2014.

His legal articles were published from time to time in the journal of the Lawyers Association of Thessaloniki “Enopion” and “Armenopoulos”, in the journal of the Department of Criminal and Criminal Sciences of the Law Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. “Defense” and in the legal journal “Environment and Law”.

Member of the Editorial Committee of the Law Firm of Thessalonica from 2002 until 2011.

Other Professional Experiences

1993 – 1998
Associate and then author journalist in the newspapers “MAKEDONIA” and “THESSALONIKI”. He served as head of Department of the “SINIGOROS TOU POLITI”, which looks into citizens’ complaints.

Music producer at the local radio station.

Languages – Diplomas

English: LOWER – Β΄ grade

German: 1) Zertifikat, 2) Mittelstufe, 3) Juristische Fachterminologie Ζeugnis – Bachelor Legal Terminology

Social Activities

Dealt with the students syndicalism.

Served military service from May 2000 until November 2001.

Was a candidate in elections of Lawyers Association of Thessaloniki three times, in February 2002, in February 2005 and February 2008.

Member of the Committee of the Lawyers Training in Thessaloniki from 2005 to 2008.

Member of the Steering Committee of the civil company “SARISA”, supporting financially the basketball team “ARIS BC” of Thessaloniki.

Secretary of the Board of Directors of the “Greek Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ESYNE)” in Macedonia and Thrace.

Participates in legal conferences throughout Greece.

Participates in meetings of the Lawyers Association of Thessaloniki.

Member of the Institute of International and Hellenic Sport Law (IDEA).

Other Activities

He is Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Sporting Basketball Club “VAKCHOS” who competes in the 3rd category of EKASTH.